Sponsor a Student

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Provide a new experience and support 6th grade thru College Freshman who are leading change! . The average cost per student is $25. Totaling $550.00 per classroom. Your support whether $25.00 for one student on a recurring basis or $550.00 for one project will provide student a chance to dream big and lead a project for community! Sponsor of Classroom will be provided pictures, video and recap of student experience. Be the change!


Business Sponsorships

Business Connect Sponsors

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Let's develop talent together!  Sponsor students who want to connect and learn more about your industry or business. Consider sponsoring a field trip or creating a program with the help of our team. Looking for partners specifically in skilled trades , legal, city , music and construction. 


GR Summer Project Talent Sponsor

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The third year of GR Summer Project is here and we need your help to ensure students will have the chance again to experience music, art, culture and community!  We have presenting , supporting and fund the mission sponsorship available. Presenting Sponsorship start at $5000.00 and supporting sponsors $500.00. Your business will be included on social , media , on site and event promotion! In the last two years we have worked with over 150 students. 


The Gift Of Sports Skills Development

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Sports provides access to mentors , talent development , mental and physical health. We want to help 50 youth develop sports talent who with out a sports scholarship would not be able to. The cost for one student  averages $250.00. Your sponsorship will include a photo and message from a student whose life you impacted through this sponsorship. 


Leaders Lead In Class Training Program 5th-12th Graders

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We will join your classroom and learn from students about problems impacting their community. Utilizing design thinking, and walking through project based learning programs to come up with a student project. Students will learn about teamwork, social innovation and solution based thinking as they lead their idea together!