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Gr Summer Project - Include - Empower - Connect


Grand Rapids Area wide challenge in partnership with Magic 104.9 that runs April- August . Where we challenge youth and organizations to take the pledge and submit a project they will work on over summer. Projects aim to bridge gaps and lead positive Impact. With four areas of focus , community advocacy, business , music & sports. Updates are shared via grsummerproject.org and our community votes. On site events , media coverage , talent showcases and special events connect projects with purpose . Bringing communities, education  and people  together. Leading the way to both seed & grow  new ideas , while connecting  talent & passion with in our ecosystem . This is a group student led program that wouldn't be possible with out our collective partnership with organizations and  people committed to providing a summer platform for youth.

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Business Connect Programs


Are you a business or community advocacy group that is looking to include youth in one of your programs or special events?  Let us help to create , connect and collaboratively build curriculum along with special  projects.

Providing your organization the chance to hear fresh perspective and connect youth leaders.  

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 Education and Non Profit Empower solutions  Programs 

Are you looking to better understand a problem or connect classroom learning to new hands on experiences?  Let us help. We create custom programs that empower youth to identify problems and lead solutions together. This is a student led project. 

Day one :  1-2 hour introduction . Group discussion , round circle. Students submit answers to 10 part survey and top problem identified is the focus of the project.  

Day Two: 2-3 hour design thinking group break out , ending with what, why , how and what actionable act will be made towards solving problem. 

Day Three 4-6 hours.  Out in the field executing plan while being connected to mentors , coaches, experiences and organizations working to solve same problem to present their project.